We Lift Workstations to Install Carpet

SOS Flooring Solutions’ revolutionary carpet installation Lift System allows us to install new commercial carpet tiles in your space without removing furniture or dismantling telephone and computer equipment, saving both time and money. With this commercial carpet installation technology we’re able to lift your desks and workstations, remove the old flooring, and replace it with new carpet. Our commercial carpet installation Lift System is purpose built and designed to protect your furniture throughout the process. New flooring in your offices should not be a moving experience; our process does not involve any moving, or operation disruptions.

New Carpet Without Disassembling Furniture or Workstations

The Lift System is cost effective and eliminates downtime when installing new office flooring. Our field supervisors will assess your  office space and create a schedule, which will be mostly executed during non-business hours in order to keep office disruption to a minimum. Our trained commercial flooring installers, utilizing state-of-the-art lifting equipment, will lift existing office furniture off the ground so they can install your new office flooring with the least amount of disruption to your business as possible.