Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

Not only is SOS Flooring Solutions your best choice for residential and commercial flooring installation and maintenance, but we are also expert providers of green, environmentally friendly upholstery cleaning and maintenance services. Depending upon the accessibility of your location, we can use portable or truck mounted equipment to clean your upholstery without leaving a lot of moisture behind, so your furniture won’t be out of use for long.  Our upholstery cleaning processes are so fast-drying that you can be sitting in your favorite chair again within an hour to an hour and a half.  We use environmentally friendly cleaning products, ensuring that you are not exposed to toxic chemicals and helping to preserve our environment for generations to come.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

upholstry cleaningSOS Flooring Solutions’ professional upholstery cleaning services are the ideal solution for keeping your office chairs, cubicles and modular upholstered workstations, waiting room and lounge furniture looking beautiful and new.  We are also a great resource for upscale restaurants and hotels who want to keep their upholstered chairs, sofas and other furniture looking clean and inviting.  When you work with SOS Flooring Solutions, we work around your schedule.  If you need your upholstery cleaning done at night or on a weekend to avoid impacting business hours, it’s no problem for us.  If you have multiple locations, and you would like to maintain the same high standard of cleanliness and professional upholstery cleaning services at all locations, we will travel, or utilize our national network to make sure that all of your upholstery cleaning and maintenance needs are met.

Cubicle or Modular Workstation Cleaning

Modular workstations, also known as cubicles  are hard-working furniture items that are subject to stains and scuffs, especially on the upholstered workstation panels.  Spilled coffee and errant ink stains are the most common reasons why workstations can begin to look shabby well before their time.  Protect your investment in modular office furniture by scheduling regular maintenance with our professional upholstery cleaners, and keep your workspace looking great!

Residential Upholstery Cleaning

Who doesn’t have a favorite sofa, loveseat or chair that has been stained in the course of use in your home?  You might be able to turn over the cushion to hide the stain, or it might be someplace that can’t be hidden.  Do it yourself upholstery cleaners use toxic solvents to take out the stains, and they may take out the color of the fabric in that area as well.  Having furniture reupholstered is an extremely costly proposition that would only be worth doing for the finest furniture.  Your best choice in dealing with stained or soiled upholstered furniture is to call the upholstery cleaning professionals at SOS Flooring Solutions.  We’ll leave your upholstered furniture looking like new, and with our low-moisture upholstery cleaning systems, you’ll be able to use your furniture again in less than two hours.