Stone and Tile Floors:  Beautiful and Durable

ceramic tileFew flooring options can match natural stone or ceramic tile when both beauty and durability are required.  Properly installed natural stone and ceramic tile floors can last for many decades while maintaining their original beauty.  The tile and stone installation experts at SOS Flooring Solutions understand that when it comes to natural stone and ceramic tile flooring, the most important factors are the preparation and installation.  In preparing to install a ceramic tile or natural stone floor, the sub-floor must be prepared in a way that will eliminate movement so that once the flooring adhesive has set, it will not crack or lift.  At SOS Flooring Solutions, we have several methods we can use to stabilize the underfloor to ensure that your floor will be as solid in ten years as it is when we complete it.

Large Tile and Stone Selection to Suit Your Needs

Flooring tile may be ceramic or porcelain, and can range in size from small mosaics to oversized tiles.  Natural stone comes in the same size range and includes marble, granite, slate or other materials.  Your imagination is the only limit to the colors available.  Both natural stone and tile are available in varying finishes.  It is strongly suggested that glossy smooth tile is avoided in flooring, especially where the surface may become wet, to avoid slipping hazards.  The flooring experts at SOS Flooring Solutions can help you to choose the best tile or stone for your needs and your budget.

Attention to Detail in Tile and Stone Floors

When installing ceramic tile or natural stone, it is critically important to pay close attention to detail, maintaining a level, even surface with proper spacing between the tile or stone, straight lines and accurate cutting where necessary.  Our expert tile installers see to it that the tile or stone floor you get is just as attractive as the one you saw in your mind’s eye when planning the flooring for your home or commercial space.

Grout is the Finishing Touch

Once the tile or stone has been affixed to the subfloor, the final stage is grout, with or without sealant.  Grout is available in a wide range of classic and playful colors.  The flooring experts at SOS Flooring Solutions will guide you to the best grout and sealant for your needs to assure that your natural stone or tile flooring continues to be beautiful, long after our installers have left your premises.  Call us today for a free quote.