Poured Floors for Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Applications

When building or redesigning a commercial, industrial or institutional space, cost and ease of cleaning may be just as important as final appearance in your final choice of commercial flooring products.  SOS Flooring Solutions is Long Island’s leading provider of poured floors for schools, universities, hospitals, government buildings and other public facilities that need to look good, be easy to clean and sanitize and hold up to very heavy foot traffic.  Poured flooring encompasses a huge category of commercial flooring solutions which includes poured concrete, self leveling floors, epoxy flooring, acrylic flooring, resin flooring in a wide variety of colors and finishes, and available with or without inclusions.

Self-Leveling Floors

self leveling floorPoured flooring can consist of a variety of textures and substances, including resin and epoxy, which would determine whether or not it is considered a self-leveling floors.  Typically, floors with inclusions, like stone chips or seashells are not self-leveling, but concrete, resin or epoxy floors can be self leveling.  Self leveling flooring can be an economical choice for commercial or institutional flooring due to its relatively low installation cost and the ability of the poured concrete, epoxy or other resin to cover a wide range of problems in the existing floor.  Self leveling flooring can often be poured over existing hard flooring, like concrete, ceramic or VCT tile.  This allows commercial flooring contractors like SOS Flooring Solutions to help our customers save money by avoiding the cost of tearing out the existing flooring before installing the new concrete, epoxy or resin flooring.  Self-leveling flooring is also an excellent choice for commercial flooring applications where the existing flooring is damaged or otherwise unlevel.  The self-leveling epoxy or resin creates a smooth level surface, free of tripping hazards and the liability that comes with them.

Poured Floors Come in Many Varieties

SOS Flooring Solutions’ professional poured flooring installation team can create a virtually unlimited array of colors, patterns and textures in a poured floor for your commercial facility, using concrete, epoxy or other resins.  Designs are limited only by the imagination, your needs and your budget.  Poured floors can be polished to a high shine or left just rough enough to provide traction for applications where there might be moisture, which would create a slipping hazard.  From retail stores and malls, to office buildings, municipal buildings, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and more, contact SOS Flooring Solutions to learn more about concrete, epoxy and resin poured flooring and how it can be the answer to all your commercial or institutional flooring needs.