Polished Concrete for Beauty and Strength

polished concrete floorPolished concrete flooring is one of the less recognized forms of commercial flooring in the industry.  Why?  Because it doesn’t look like concrete, so you may have stood on it dozens of times and not realized it was polished concrete.  Polished concrete flooring is creating by treating concrete floors with a chemical densifying agent, then polishing it with increasingly finer grit until it reaches the desired level of polish.  The finished look of polished concrete can be modified by the addition of colors or inclusions for a fancier looking floor, or can be just sealed and left plain for industrial flooring.  The polished concrete flooring experts at SOS Flooring Solutions can show you all the many options in polished concrete flooring, and help you select the best flooring product and look for your needs.

Polished Concrete for New Construction

Polished concrete flooring is among the least expensive options for new construction where large areas of concrete floor need to be finished.  The newly poured concrete on these sites is a prime candidate for polished flooring, keeping the labor and materials costs for flooring to a minimum.  Conversely, existing locations where concrete is cracked, pitted or otherwise damaged would be a poor candidate for concrete polishing, and would probably do better to opt for one of our many choices in poured flooring, which will cover the existing damage, whether in the existing concrete floor or in any other existing hard flooring.  With our expertise in polished concrete flooring and so many other commercial flooring options, the flooring experts at SOS Flooring Solutions can guide you toward choosing the best type of commercial flooring to meet your needs, your wants and your budget.  Call us today for a free consultation.