Reclamation of Used Materials

SOS Flooring Solutions is dedicated to the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices in all of our operations. We take a holistic approach to protecting the environment and utilize methods that are compatible with our goal of sustainability. We reclaim used building and flooring materials for recycling, down-cycling or re-purposing, making SOS Flooring Solutions able to reduce the burden on the waste stream and provide environmentally friendly and responsible commercial and residential flooring processes.
In our project planning, we seek the most effective methods of reducing waste in both materials and processes, to have a lasting positive impact on our environment. We can provide products from manufacturers of sustainable, environmentally friendly products, who adhere to principles of responsible manufacturing. As we partner with these manufacturers, we can offer clients a wide range of environmentally friendly products.  Our partnership also allows us to give provide input in the design of the products based on their economical and environmental impact. As we plan your project, we will recommend the most effective and sustainable procedures for reclaiming your used materials, whether it’s recycling, down-cycling or re-purposing.