We Make Existing Hardwood Floors Look New

Many homes, retail stores and older office buildings were built with hardwood flooring.  Over time, these beautiful hardwood floors have been scratched, stained and otherwise damaged, causing their owners to cover them with carpet, linoleum or laminate flooring to avoid having to have their wood floors refinished.

SOS Flooring Solutions takes the hassle out of hardwood floor refinishing.  Existing hardwood flooring can be sanded, repaired, stained and sealed to reveal hardwood flooring that looks brand new and costs less than having to cover your hardwood floor with new flooring.  Hardwood flooring can be stained in a wide variety of colors, from classic to playful, dark to light, or your hardwood flooring can be left in it’s natural coloring and sealed, for those desiring a more neutral look.  The final finish can range anywhere from glossy to matte according to your taste and needs.

Dust Free Equipment

Having your hardwood flooring refinished used to mean having your home turned into a dusty mess, with wood-dust covering everything in the house.  With our new dust free hardwood floor finishing equipment, the days of messy hardwood floor refinishing are only a bad memory.  We can refinish all of your hardwood flooring without leaving any dust behind at all.  It is the ideal solution for refinishing hardwood floors in occupied homes and offices.

Oil Based or Acrylic Finishes

staining hardwood floorsSOS Flooring Solutions allows you to choose from a variety of final sealing products based on your needs.  While traditional oil based top coats take longer to dry and have a stronger odor, they may be the best choice for most commercial applications due to their greater durability.  However, for those who need their floors to dry in a hurry, or are sensitive to the fumes of oil-based products, we can provide acrylic based top coats that are equally beautiful and versatile, allowing people who would have never considered refinishing their hardwood flooring to have the hardwood floor of their dreams at a budget-friendly price.

Whether you are searching for a commercial hardwood floor refinisher or an update for the hardwood floors in your home, call SOS Flooring Solutions today for a free consultation on the best and most cost effective way to restore your existing hardwood flooring to its original beauty and elegance.