Add Beauty to your Home or Office with Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring adds a richness and elegance unrivaled by most other types of flooring.  Among all of the hard flooring options, hardwood flooring provides the most warmth and resiliency.  SOS Flooring Solutions is a leading installer of hardwood flooring, with a large choice of woods, stain colors and finishes to create for you the hardwood floor of your dreams. Hardwood flooring is available in pre-finished styles, where the manufacturer applies the finish to each board and the installer simply installs it, or in bare wood, which can be finished to meet your specifications.  The species of wood will influence the final appearance and hardness of the finished hardwood floor.  Hardwood flooring is available in roughly 50 species, including maple, walnut,oak, ash and more.

Installation, Sanding and Finishing

Once we have helped you select the wood species and board size for your brand new hardwood flooring, the expert hardwood flooring installers at SOS Flooring Solutions come into play.  Installation of hardwood flooring involves much more than being able to handle a hammer and a saw.  Appropriate spacing needs to be calculated to allow room for expansion and contraction with variations in temperature and humidity, without leaving visible gaps, and the underfloor needs to be properly prepared to provide adequhardwood floorate support for the installation of the new hardwood flooring.

After your commercial or residential hardwood flooring is in place, the surface must be sanded to ensure a smooth and flawless finished floor.  We are experts in installing and finishing hardwood flooring without leaving a mess on your premises.  Finally, the new hardwood floor can either be stained in a wide choice of colors, or just sealed with a clear coat to protect and seal the floor. SOS Flooring Solutions can finish your hardwood floors with either oil based or acrylic based stain and sealers, according to your needs.

If you believe that the unmatched elegance and warmth of new hardwood flooring is the finishing touch that will complete your home or office, call SOS Flooring Solutions today for your free estimate.