Professional Chewing Gum Removal Service


Is your indoor or outdoor commercial flooring being ruined by unsightly bubble gum marks?  SOS Flooring Solutions can remove gum from concrete, pavers, natural stone, granite, terrazzo, vinyl flooring and carpet, leaving you with a beautiful walkway or floor.  We are professional chewing gum removal experts, serving New York, Long Island an New Jersey.  Even though the chewing gum isn’t your fault, it makes your establishment look less appealing, so regular professional gum removal service is an important part of facility maintenance.  SOS Flooring Solutions can help you maintain a beautiful, clean, gum-free walkway, providing an inviting welcome for your clientele with our professional chewing gum removal services.

Some chewing gum removal companies try to remove chewing gum by washing it off with a power washing apparatus, which is inefficient at best, and often ineffective.  Our flooring professionals are expert at bubble gum removal, using a citrus based solvent and steam equipment to remove chewing gum and restore your flooring to it’s original beautiful appearance.

Our expertise with professional chewing gum removal services makes it worthwhile to use our services to remove gum from your pavement, rather than trying to rent gum removal equipment, only to find that you have wasted both your time and your money.  Have your chewing gum removal done right by our professional chewing gum removal team.  Call SOS Flooring Solutions today for your free estimate.