Cubicle and Workstation Cleaning & Maintenance

Professional cubicle cleaning and maintenance is essential to keeping your upholstery and workstations in top condition. SOS Flooring Solutions utilizes green cleaning techniques and technologies to keep your workstation upholstery and panels in the best possible shape. Failure to clean and maintain your workstation upholstery can shorten its lifespan, making costly replacements necessary. Our cubicle maintenance team will remove allergens, bacteria and dirt from your upholstery and workstation panel systems to improve air quality, creating a safer environment for you, your co-workers, employees and clients.

Our cubicle maintenance services are proven to extend the life of your modular furniture upholstery while improving your facility’s image. We utilize certified commercial green cleaning products, ensuring that every workstation surface we maintain enhances the facility’s environmental performance.

Cubicles and fabric panels are easily scuffed and marked. They also collect dust, dirt, allergens and bacteria creating an unsafe and unpleasant environment for employees and customers. SOS Flooring Solutions offers high quality cubicle cleaning services for your fabric workstation panels and upholstery. Protect your investment and keep your workstations clean and beautiful; call SOS Flooring Solutions today for a free estimate!