Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Aside from requiring frequent vacuuming, carpets also require periodic professional cleaning and maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty conditions. By utilizing our professional dry system process our professional carpet cleaners can restore your carpet to a like-new appearance. Your carpet will last longer and look great with our environmentally friendly products and processes. Regular carpet cleaning improves the life of your valuable investment, while providing a clean and comfortable space for your home or business.

At SOS Flooring Solutions, our carpet maintenance professionals are trained in indoor air quality and use only products that are safe and effective. Our carpet cleaning services remove soil and abrasive particles while implementing products to protect the carpet and prevent re-soiling.

Eliminate Pet Odors

For homes with pets and carpeting, our team of professional carpet cleaners can thoroughly clean your carpet and apply a solution that will completely neutralize pet odors, which will not only leave your home smelling great, but eliminate your pet’s urge to continue to soil the area.  With our professional carpet cleaning services, you won’t have to choose between your pets and fresh smelling carpets.  You can have both.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

SOS Flooring Solutions has the manpower and equipment to handle any size commercial space, with the same high quality service we offer to our residential customers.  Commercial carpeting is subject to heavy traffic, and despite it’s innate strength, it still gets dirty, especially in inclement weather.  Restaurants, retail stores, healthcare facilities and all kinds of offices need to keep their carpets looking and smelling fresh and inviting in order to keep their clientele coming through their doors.  Call SOS Flooring Solutions to learn how we can improve the appearance of your premises and prolong the life of yoru carpeting with our professional carpet cleanign services.