Carpet and Carpet Tile:  When it Needs to be Soft

There are dozens of flooring choices for your home, office or other commercial flooring needs, but nothing can match the warmth and softness of carpeting.  At SOS Flooring Solutions, we carry a large variety of options in quality carpeting, and we bring the samples to you, so you can select your carpeting from the comfort of your home or place of business.  Our stock includes carpeting from most major manufacturers and ranges from durable commercial carpeting to the plushest broadloom choices for your home in a rainbow of colors and patterns.

The carpeting experts at SOS Flooring Solutions can help you to choose the best product for your home or office, taking into account your lifestyle, traffic patterns and budget. And our installers are approved by major manufacturers, so that your carpeting investment will be protected by the factory warrantee without question.  Improper installation can cause carpeting products to fail prematurely.  That will never happen when SOS Flooring Solutions’ installers are on the job.

Carpet Tile

carpet tileIn select residential applications, like basements or home gyms, carpet tile may be a great choice, just as it is for many commercial applications where underfloor infrastructure (wires and pipes) needs to be accessible, or there is a tendency toward uneven wear or staining.  Carpet tile provides some of the warmth and cushioning of carpeting while also providing flexibility in pattern, movement and replacement.  It is easy to clean, and can handle moisture better than most other carpeting.

At SOS Flooring Solutions, we have a flooring product for every flooring application in your home or business.  Give us a call to find out how we can make your premises both beautiful and convenient.